by John Barnett

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Saul - How not to serve God (6 of 7)
David's Spiritual Secret
John Barnett
1 Samuel 15

There is a chorus we often sing, "The greatest thing in all my life—is loving You, knowing You, serving You...".

Those are precious words, if they are true, and they are. And if the Bible ends with those who know, love and serve the Lord doing so forever—and it does. Then the most important element in our life is that knowing, loving, and serving the Lord!

So we could say the greatest way we could invest our lives and live them well would be serving God.

But then the opposite would also be true. The worst way to live, and the greatest waste of a life would be to live for anything but serving the Lord!

We have been considering the greatest servant in the Bible named David. His life is recorded more completely than any other—so we know more about how he served the Lord than any of Biblical character.

God's Word often teaches us by mean of contrasts. This morning I'd like you to join me looking at one of the sharpest in the Bible—the comparison of David and Saul. It is also one of the most sobering.

Side by side in God's Word is the amazing record God left us of the life of David who served God all his days—and the equally amazing record of Saul who didn't serve God all his days. This proximity of ‘how to serve' and ‘how not to serve' is very insightful.

I Samuel 17 is the record of the boy who stood all alone for God and saw the reality of what God can do through a person who is completely His—David had a heart to stand.

1st Samuel 16 is the record of the boy who would grow into the man after God's own heart—David was a servant who loved and served God. But what happens in the chapter before all that? What precipitated the anointing of David by Samuel?

1st Samuel 15 tells us that David was chosen because of King Saul's unwillingness to serve the Lord. Remember that this book the Bible is God's Word—and is also supernaturally engineered by ...

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