by Steve Wagers

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God, Will It Ever Get Better? (6 of 6)
Finding Answers to Hard Questions
Steve Wagers
Habakkuk 3:3-19
April 18.2007

Sermon Outline
1. What He Beheld that Amazed Him!
A) How God Came
B) How God Conquered
C) How God Continued
2. What He Believed that Affirmed Him!
A) He Trembles at the Power of God
B) He Trusts in the Providence of God
C) He Triumphs with the Praise of God

I recently read of two twin boys who were extremely different. One was an incurable optimist, and the other was a hopeless pessimist. The parents were worried about the extremes of behavior and attitude and finally took the boys in to see a psychologist. The psychologist observed them a while and then said that they could be easily helped. He said that they had a room filled with all the toys a boy could want.

They would put the pessimist in that room and allow him to enjoy life. They also had another room that they filled with horse manure. They put the optimist in that room. They observed both boys through one way mirrors. The pessimist continued to be a pessimist, stating that he had no one to play with. They went to look in on the optimist, and were astounded to find him digging through the manure. The psychologist ran into the room and asked what on earth the boy was doing. He replied that with all that manure, he was sure there had to be a pony in the room somewhere.

I read about a schoolboy who brought home his report card. It was heavy with poor grades. "What have you to say about this?" asked his father. "One thing for sure," the boy replied, "Dad, you can be proud. You know I haven't been cheating!"

Many look to the book of Habakkuk, like Ecclesiastes, as a book of pessimism. However, Habakkuk is not a pessimist, but a realist. And as we come to the final section of the last chapter, Habakkuk becomes an optimist. Although it looks bleak, he sees a bigger day, a better day and a brighter day.

He has asked and found questions to hard answers. He has a ...

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