by Steve Wagers

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God, Are You Really There? (1 of 6)
Finding Answers to Hard Questions
Steve Wagers
Habakkuk 1: 1-5
March 14.2007

Sermon Outline
1. His Perplexing Burden!
A) A Burden that Consumed Him
B) A Burden that Confronted Him
2. His Personal Battle!
A) Prayer was Unheard
B) Life was Unfair
C) God was Unconcerned
3. His Promised Blessing!
A) God's Divine Word of Revelation
B) God's Divine Work of Exaltation

Life is filled with questions. Many of these questions have been asked since the beginning of time. Many of these questions seem to be rhetorical, without any conclusive answers.

One of the great Christian myths, that many people believe, is that when a person accepts Christ as their Savior they find solutions to all of their problems, as well as answers to all of their questions.

While it is true that salvation gives a solution to our biggest problem, which is our relationship with God, there comes a fresh new series of problems and questions that we have never had to face before.

Warren Wiersbe said, "Christians who claim to be without problems, or questions, are either not telling the truth, or not growing and experiencing real life." [1]

Habakkuk wasn't that kind of believer. As he surveyed the situation of the land of Judah, he found himself struggling with some serious questions.

John Phillips refers to Habakkuk as "the doubting Thomas of the Old Testament." [2] He wrestled with questions like, "Why did God allow the wickedness in his homeland to continue?" Even worse was the question, "How could God allow a bad nation to be judged by a worse nation?"

Habakkuk was a Levite. We know nothing of the prophet apart from the book that bears his name. Habakkuk's message was consistent with the message of Jeremiah in warning Judah that the Chaldeans would come to judge them for their sins.

Habakkuk consists of 3 chapters, 56 verses, and 1373 words. It is considered to a Minor Prophet. That does not mean that his proph ...

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