by Steve Wagers

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Building Basics (6 of 6)
Basics for Believers
Steve Wagers
Jude 20-23
April 22. 2007

Sermon Outline
1. A Life of Construction!
A) Progressively
B) Personally
C) Prayerfully
2. A Life of Concentration!
A) With Dedication, Live for Jesus
B) With Consideration, Love like Jesus
B) With Anticipation, Look to Jesus

During WWII, a young teenager tried to enlist in the Navy. Only 15, but big for his age, he told the recruiter that he was 16. The officer looked at him and said, "Sorry son, you're not old enough." Two months later he returned. The recruiter didn't seem to remember him, so this time the boy said that he was 17. Again the answer was, "Sorry son, you're not old enough."

He waited a few weeks and returned again. This time he said that he was 18. The man looked at the teenager and said, "Young man, we would love to have you in the Navy. The only problem is that you're growing so fast that I'm afraid we'd have to put you on pension before the war is over.

The Christian life is to be marked, measured and mastered by growth. It is not to be a life of stunted growth, but a life of successful growth. As Jude says, in verse 20, we are to keep on "building up" our faith.

When Mike Kollin, a graduate of Auburn University and linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, was asked by his former college coach, Shug Jordan, if he would do some recruiting for him. Mike said, "Sure, coach. What kind of player are you looking for?" The coach said, "Well, Mike, you know there's that fellow, you knock him down, he just stays down?" Mike said, "We don't want him, do we, coach?" "No, that's right. Then there's that fellow, you knock him down and he gets up, but you knock him down again and he stays down." Mike answered, "We don't want him either, do we, coach?"

Coach said, "No, but Mike, there's a fellow, you knock him down, he gets up. Knock him down, he gets up. Knock him down, he gets up. Knock him down, he gets up." Mike said, "That's the gu ...

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