by Roger Thomas

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The Ships of Faith
Roger Thomas
Luke 14:25-35
September 8, 2002

Introduction: Over the next four weeks, I want to talk to you about the Christian life. We will look at the theme from four different angles. My goal is to encourage—should I say challenge? —every one of you individually to take the next step of faith for your life. Where you are or where you have been is not nearly as important as where you are headed. What is your next step of faith? There is always a next one!

I am calling this set of four messages "The Ships Faith." I will explore four different Bible words and the concepts behind them that are vital ingredients of the Christian life. I use the sailing metaphor so that the little mental picture can help you remember the principles. All four Bible words so important to some aspect of our Christian lives end in the word "ship." We will explore discipleship, membership, leadership, and eldership. These four "ships" provide the four sides of a marvelous frame through which we can view important aspects of the Christian life.

I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I do think it is important that you know where I am going with this and what I am asking you to do. Every one of you needs to take the step of discipleship. Many of you have, but not all. You need to decide once and for all personally and publicly that you are a serious follower of Jesus Christ. Not just a religious person. Not just a spiritual person. Not just a good person. But once and for all decide whether you stand with Jesus or not. That's discipleship.

Some in this room need to make up your mind about membership. I am talking about church membership. Membership means committing to a real group of Christian people and asking them to commit to you as you serve Christ together. If you are a frequent attendee in this place but have never made a commitment to membership, I am asking you to make that decision!


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