by Roger Thomas

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Why We Preach the Bible (4 of 5)
Questions About The Church
Roger Thomas
1 Timothy 4
October 28, 2001

Introduction: Today's question could take several forms. For example, some might ask "Why does this church place so much emphasis on the Bible?" I hope that it is obvious that we do. Every one of our Sunday School or youth classes majors in Bible study. Various topics and discussions of current events may come up from time to time, but almost always from a "what does the Bible say about that" perspective. Occasionally, one of our Bible classes will study a religious book for a while, but almost always as a jumping off point to get into the Bible. We almost never devote any time in classes or sermons talking about what some historic creed, confession of faith, denominational position paper, or So and So's Catechism teaches. Some of those things may be worthwhile from time to time, but that's not what you would normally find here. We prefer to go quickly and directly to the Bible in order to learn what it says rather than what someone says about it. I would liken it to the difference between eating fresh food or stale, highly processed, highly preserved leftovers that someone else fixed. I am convinced that once you have experienced the real stuff, you quickly loose your taste for the other.

But there is another side to the question I want to address today. This may be the more critical part. Sometimes someone will ask, does it really make any difference what you believe? Aren't all religions the same? Don't all groups teach the same thing? Isn't it enough to be sincere and believe in something? Some wonder, "Isn't the important thing to be "spiritual?" What difference does doctrine make anyway?

Today, I want to explain why it matters what you believe? I want to make as clear a case as I can for the position that it is not enough to just believe. It also matters what you believe! I want to do so by reviewing some basic lessons ...

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