A MAN'S MAN (6 OF 6)

by Roger Thomas

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A Man's Man (6 of 6)
Season of the Family
Roger Thomas
1 Corinthians 16:13-14; Luke 2:52
June 20, 2004

Introduction: This church is more fortunate than many. We have a lot of men who call this church home. Many churches don't.

A part of that is natural. It's a fact. Women do live longer than men on average. We should expect a church to have more older widows than widowers. In the past, special circumstances often pulled a lot of men away from home and church. Our older folk remember the forties when so many men went to fight in Europe, North Africa, or the Pacific. In hard times, men often left their families behind while they looked for work. Fortunately most of us can't remember times quite that bad. We are blessed!

On the other hand, the scarcity of men in some churches comes from other reasons. Some see faith and church as feminine. Real men work hard, drink hard, and live hard. They don't have time for religion.

Fortunately, the men of this church have always known better. We have always had many strong, willing men to set the pace. That doesn't mean that women don't matter or that they haven't played a big role in this church's life through the years. All you have to do is read some of the stories from our congregational history to learn about the strong women who helped build this church. The same is true today. But the women of this church, past and present, know that men spell the difference between a strong congregation and a make-do, declining church.

Today I want to pay tribute to men and fathers of this church. I want to honor the men, past and present, whose example and enthusiasm set the pace for the next generation of families, especially young boys. Men, in big and small ways, show that trusting, following, and serving Jesus is a manly undertaking. In fact, I would insist that hitching your wagon to Jesus is the most manly, courageous, worthwhile endeavor a man can do. This is true for this simple ...

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