by Roger Thomas

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The Path to Financial Freedom (2 of 6)
Series: Season of the Family
Roger Thomas
Proverbs 22:7; 2 Corinthians 9:8-11

Introduction: Six months ago, most of us here spent four weeks reading and studying a book called Taking God at His Word. For the first time in a long time, the elders asked the whole church to give prayerful consideration to our financial stewardship. If you were here in November, you received a copy of the book. For four Sundays I preached on the themes of giving, financial planning, and tithing. We talked about these subjects in terms of faith building not fund raising. It wasn't about what happened to our church offerings but what happened to our trust in God's word and promises.

You responded in an amazing way. Dozens of families made personal decisions and commitments. What most impressed me was the fact that thirty-three commitment cards were turned in by folk who said they had not been tithing, but were determined to give it a try. They wanted to experience what happens when we take God at his Word.

All of the commitments and decisions were done anonymously, of course. I have no way of knowing who decided what or how it has gone since then. I am sure it has been a struggle for some of you. Maybe some have even had to stop and start again. Others have probably surprised themselves with what they have been able to do.

I bring all of this up because for the next two messages, I want to offer a six-month tune up to our Taking God at His Word commitments. I am doing this now for two reasons. One, it is always a good idea to review where we have been and remind ourselves how far we have come together.

Secondly, I am talking about this now because we are in our annual Season of the Family. From Mother's Day to Father's Day each year, I preach and teach about a variety of themes related to Christian family and marriage. I am convinced this is something that matters to all of us whether we are married, single, young or old. Ultim ...

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