by Roger Thomas

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Season of the Family
Roger Thomas
2 Timothy 1:3-11; 1 Timothy 1:16, 4:12
May 18, 2003

I must apologize today. There must have been some sort of misunderstanding. Today's service is just for our teenagers—especially our Jr. High and Sr. High graduates. But somehow the message didn't get out and all of the rest of you showed up.

I thought about dismissing everyone else early, but I was afraid somebody might get trampled in the stampede. So the rest of you can stay provided you promise not to listen. I know that will be really hard for some of you who have worked hard learning to listen while breathing real slow with your eyes closed. Which reminds me . . .

A little girl who is normally in the nursery was sitting in church next to her dad last week. During communion the little one watched her father intently, taking in everything he did. He shushed her when she immediately tried to ask him something as he bowed his head reverently after partaking and passing the tray down the row. Very patiently the little girl held her question. But she didn't forget. Immediately after the service, she was overheard asking her dad, "What is that stuff? You eat it and go right to sleep!"

I have never said this in church before, but today anyone over twenty-one can now go to sleep. I'll wake you in about fifteen minutes or so. Kids, you be real quiet now so we don't wake up the old folk. OK?

I am speaking especially to graduates today, but what I want to say applies to all of you young people as well. We are proud of you. I have been around the block a few times and seen lots of churches. I am convinced that this church is blessed with an exceptional crop of young people. There are a lot of you, a lot more than many churches have. You are faithful, highly motivated, highly committed, unbelievably talented, and amazingly eager to be involved in the life of this church. You are a blessing to us. Sometimes a bit more ene ...

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