by Roger Thomas

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The Rich Man's Guide to Family Finance (3 of 6)
Family Matters
Roger Thomas
Proverbs 3:5-18
May 26, 2002

Introduction: Today I continue our Season of Family Series with a Rich Man's Guide to Family Finance. This week is really Part Two of last week's message. We will again focus on Proverbs for common sense advice on family finances. Last week I outlined three steps to financial independence for young people. I offered the guarantee that any teenager who sooner rather than later adopted these three principles would never have to worry about poverty or want. On the other hand to neglect these three steps is to virtually insure financial difficulties for life. The three principles were: 1) Get an education/finish high school, 2) Avoid alcohol and drugs that sedate the mind and dilute self-control, and 3) Save sex until marriage. These are both Bible based and common sense based!

Today I want to review another set of common sense principles from Proverbs. If followed these actions also lead to financial independence. This is a vital topic in "The Season of the Family" because of the critical role that finances play in marriage and family life. Every marriage counselor can tell you that money matters are the common precipitating factors in marriage problems. This is not because money matters so much. Rather, financial issues provide the occasion for other problems to surface. Money matters present day in and day out decisions that cannot be postponed and that reveal the values and priorities upon a marriage is based.

Proverbs provides values that will stand the test of time and the pressures of life. These principles are not guarantees. There will always be exceptions. But the exceptions are just that—exceptions. Common sense and godly wisdom say that if you follow this wisdom you may not be rich, but neither will you likely be poor or in want. Ignore them and prepare yourself for a double dose of money worries.

First a question: ...

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