by Roger Thomas

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Motherhood Is For Life (1 of 6)
Family Matters
Roger Thomas
Luke 2:4-7, 41-45, 48; John 19:16-18, 25-27; Acts 1:12-14
May 5, 2002

My message today will be more a collage than a portrait or even a snapshot. A snapshot is one of those quick pictures that forever freezes in time a momentary incident. A portrait is intended to be a studied and thoughtful interpretation that captures the essence of the subject. A collage is neither. A collage is an assortment of pictures of different sizes and shapes gathered from all sorts of places and times and stuck together in a single frame.

It occurs to me that a Mother's Day sermon almost has to be a collage. A single snap shot can leave the false impression only women with little children are mothers. Or that when the hair turns gray or the nest is empty, motherhood is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. On a day when we honor all mothers, we do well to remind ourselves that motherhood comes in all ages and circumstances of life. Motherhood is not a temporary condition. An eighty something great-grand mother quietly knitting in a rocking chair is no less a mother than the twenty something with a toddler clinging to each ankle. Motherhood is for life.

You heard about the American, the Englishman, Frenchman, the Italian, and the Irishman who were arguing about when life begins. Thinking scientifically, the American contended that life begins at conception. The Englishman thought more politically and argued that life begins at birth. Turning the conversation in a different direction, the Frenchman claimed life began at 21. The Italian countered that life begins at 40. But the Irishman silenced them all when he said each was wrong, "Life begins when the dog dies and the last child moves out!"

The Irishman may have had something. A new stage of life may start then, but any mother can tell you --motherhood doesn't end there. Motherhood remains in every season of life. A child is no ...

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