by Robert Walker

At Calvary He Prayed for Me
Robert Walker
Luke 23:34

Arthur Pink once called the seven words that Jesus spoke from the cross the rainbow of sorrow. There are seven primary colors in the rainbow and there were seven primary words that Christ spoke from the cross.

The first word that Jesus Christ spoke is found in Luke chapter 23 verse 32. Luke the good physician presented Jesus as the one who is interested in forgiveness.

I don't believe it was by accident that Luke's gospel was chosen by the sovereign spirit of God to present to us our Lord's word about forgiveness.

It was in the house of Simon the Pharisee that Luke records that Jesus spoke words of forgiveness to a fall woman telling her that she could be forgiven of her sins.

It is in Luke's gospel that Jesus uttered those unforgettable stories of forgiveness. Parables about one sheep that was lost, one coin that was found and one son that came back to his father.

Long before Luke there was a prophet called Isaiah that gave ten statements that are precisely descriptive of the cross of Christ.

The last verse of Isaiah chapter fifty three tells us that He bore the sins of men and He made intercession for the transgressor.

Now don't miss the message that Isaiah predicted concerning the cross of Christ. He would bear the sins of many and He would make intercession.

Intercessory prayer is the act whereby you plead in prayer on the behalf of another. And that is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us. Jesus lifted up his heart to God the Father and said, ''Father forgive them.'' He used the term Abba and He was the first one on record to have used that term in speaking to God. Abba is the word of the heart and the home.

It is a word that denotes kinship between a child and its father. Friend when Jesus was dying and there was nothing else He could do He continue His ministry of prayer.

He commences his ministry with prayer and he concluded His ministry with prayer. When H ...

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