by Marvin D. Patterson

You Get What You Give!
Marvin D. Patterson
Philippians 4:10-20

The measure of a great church is seen in the way it contributes to world missions. This church at Philippi was a great church, and one of Paul's favorite churches of all. They supported the Apostle Paul in his time of need at the writing of this great epistle.

Philip of Macedonia, who was the father of Alexander the Great, founded the City of Philippi in 357 B.C. In Acts 16, God supernaturally led Paul to come to Macedonia, of which Philippi was a part. Paul was traveling on his second missionary trip with Silas, when God, through a vision directed Paul into Europe. Paul met a lady named Lydia, a soothsayer, and a Philippian jailor as his first converts to Christ in this city. As Paul won these converts to Christ, the Church of Philippi was born! Now Paul has been arrested for a false charge of insurrection against the Roman Government. He is not in the Crystal Cathedral, but the polluted prison, with all his friends forsaking him there. He is awaiting trial in Prison. The church at Philippi finds out about the Apostle's situation, and they feel compelled to send Paul a gift to support him while in prison. Paul writes this Epistle to thank the Church at Philippi for their generosity and kindness.

Paul is writing from a house as H.L. Wilmington points out "A.D. 62 finds the apostle a prisoner in Rome. Acts 28:30, 31 indicate that he was confined to his own hired house, being chained to various Roman soldiers every six hours. Although he could not preach in public, he was allowed to write (Eph. 6:20; Phil. 1:7, 14, 16; Col. 4:18; Philemon 1:1, 10, 13)."

As we think about the church giving to meets the needs of Paul in his missionary efforts, are you giving sacrificially to help meet the needs of missions worldwide? This great passage in Philippians chapter four is a challenge and encouragement to us to give faithfully to support the work of the Lord both here, and around the ...

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