by Johnny Hunt

Facing the Giants (Suffering/Adversity)
Johnny Hunt
1 Peter 3:14a; 1 Peter 4:12-16, 19

INTRODUCTION: Let me begin by simply stating that I am not a graduate from the ''School of Adversity.'' The truth is, I have taken very few courses. With that being said, today we are students in the same class and the teacher will be our Lord Jesus and His Word.


- The Lord has been better to me than I deserve!

- The Lord has been better to me than I could have ever

- I do not feel or think that I deserve such favor/blessing!

- I trust that as I grow older I will learn to never take His
favor for granted!

- May God save (spare) me from a ''spirit of entitlement''!

- May I always have a grateful heart! .

QUESTION: Why Does Bad Things Happen to God's People?

1. Many Christians today believe that if they do all the right things, God owes them a life of blessing, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

- Obedience can't be viewed as an insurance policy against adversity. Every blessing we receive is a gift from God.

2. ''God, if You are loving, just, and all-powerful, why do You allow good people to suffer?


''We do not know all the reasons why God permits evil. We need to remember, however, that He is not the cause of evil in this world and we should therefore not blame Him for it. Remember that God did not create evil, as some believe. God created the world perfect. Man chose to defy God and go his own way, and it is man's fault that evil entered the world. Even so, God has provided the ultimate triumph of good over evil in Jesus Christ, Who, on the cross, defeated Satan and those who follow him. Christ is coming back and when He does, all evil will be ended forever and righteousness and justice will prevail.''

Have you ever thought about what would happen if God suddenly eliminated all the evil in this world? Not one person would be left, ...

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