by Roger Thomas

Christmas in Heaven: An Angel's Story
Roger Thomas
Luke 2:8-14
December 15, 2002

Introduction: Today I will present my message through a dramatic monologue. Rather than telling you about the story of Christmas, I want you to use your imagination as we listen to a character who was there tell his story. I am not doing this to entertain or amuse you. Rather, I hope this approach to a very familiar story enables you to view it with fresh eyes. I hope that you can see and hear the message of Christ's birth in a way that gets behind what we have always heard before and help become new all over again.

This is an exercise in imagination. We don't know everything that happened or what any character from the Scriptures might say if he or she told their version of these events. We can imagine. What I am going to share is as true to the Scriptures as possible. The message is the message of the Bible. The details while imaginary are realistic.

As usual, I will not have any stage sets or props. You must create the scenery with your imagination. Your mind can create a much better stage setting than any artist could ever draw. I will wear no costumes. You can picture that with your imagination as well.

This simple scarf is the only thing you need to remember. When I place the scarf on my shoulders, I am stepping into the character of the story. That is when you need to turn on your imagination. When I remove it, I have stepped out of character and am back before you in person.

Setting: Today's story will test your imagination to the max. I will be transformed into an angel, a heavenly messenger from God. The Christmas story abounds with angels. They appeared to Mary, to Joseph, to Zechariah, to shepherds and wise men. That's why they appear so often in our Christmas decorations. The Bible actually tells us very little about angels. Today, I want you to imagine that one of the angels in that heavenly host that appeared to the shepher ...

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