by Roger Thomas

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Jesus: Our Most Important Product
Roger Thomas
John 12:20-36
May 6, 2001

Introduction: If this church were a business, what would be our product? If General Motors makes cars and McDonald's sells hamburgers, what does a church do? What does this church do? Perhaps "selling" or "making a product" sounds too commercial. Let me ask it differently: what do we have to offer this community? If you are a member of this church, that question matters. That's how we determine if we are on target or not. Knowing what our main business is—our product, if you please—ought to determine our plans and activities for the future.

If you are a guest or visitor today, perhaps someone who has decided for whatever reason to check us out as a church, this question—what is our main business--is also important. What do you look for when you consider a church? What is the "product" you are expecting to find? If you don't have a clear picture of what we are offering, you might be disappointed or be set up for expectations that will never be met. What is it that we as a church have to offer this community?

Stay with me for a moment. I will make the connection to our text in a moment. What is it that First Christian Church-Vandalia has to offer this community? Let's eliminate some possibilities first. We don't offer a lot of wealth and glitter. We're not fancy. For the most part we are just plain folk. We can't promise the biggest, the brightest, or the best of anything. We can't promise power or popularity. We can't guarantee connections with the movers and shakers of anything. Neither do we offer the best show in town. We have incredibly talented musicians, but that's not the main thing. We don't promise to solve all your problems or answer all your questions. Most of us who are here could tell you that we still have our fair share of problems and plenty of questions about things we don't understand. We don't offer an easy road in life.

What do we o ...

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