by Roger Thomas

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Faith for the Hard Headed (1 of 7)
Life with Peter series
Roger Thomas
1 Peter 1:1-9
July 15, 2001

Anyone here know anyone who is hard headed? Now I saw that. No fair elbowing your spouse.

Hard headedness can be viewed in a couple of different ways. Sometimes we use it to refer to someone who is a bit slow-witted, not necessarily dumb, but just a bit flaky. You know the kind. His porch light is on but no body is home. His sidewalk doesn't go all the way to the street. He is a brick shy of a full load. Or my personal favorite, he is a few croutons short of a salad bar. Or even, he is a half bubble off plumb. Whatever the expression we get the point!

At other times we refer to a stubborn person as hard headed. We don't mean slow or even stupid. We mean someone who just doesn't know when to quit. Or start! A guy who won't stop and ask for directions no matter how lost he is might be hard headed. Or a woman who always gets in the last word, no matter the subject or the argument or the degree of wrongness. You know the kind.

Perhaps those two concepts are connected. But sometimes, hard headedness may also be a virtue. There is something positive about a person who doesn't automatically jump on the bandwagon, but thinks things through before accepting it. There is something positive about a person who hangs on and doesn't give up at the first sign of difficulty. If that is being hard headed, then we need more people like that.

This is our theme for the next several weeks. I am calling it "faith for the hard headed." Actually, I am talking about real faith for real life. We will explore this theme from two different directions.
First, we will look at the disciple of Jesus named Simon Peter or Cephas. Over the next few weeks we will explore a series of events in his life that not only tell us about him, but also explain a lot about Peter's master and ours. As we do so, we will learn much about our faith, especially if we so ...

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