by Roger Thomas

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Cheers, Jeers, and Tears (1 of 7)
Day by Day with Jesus Series
Roger Thomas
Luke 19:29-44

Everybody loves a parade. Most parades are celebrations. Big celebrations call for big parades. Some of you will remember the big parade welcoming the troops home from WWII. I remember the big parade down Michigan Avenue in Chicago when the Bears won the Super Bowl, the Bulls won the NBA championship, and last year when the White Sox won the World Series. I am looking forward to the really big one when the Cubs win it all. That's a parade worth waiting for.

None of us is old enough to remember the first big modern parade. On October 29, 1927, New York City welcomed Charles Lindbergh home after his solo flight across the Atlantic. 750,000 lbs. of ticker tape covered the streets. But the Lindberg parade was dwarfed by the giant celebration on March 1, 1962. Three thousand four-hundred seventy four tons of confetti rained down on a seven mile stretch of New York City. It was all to welcome John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the earth.

Who of us will forget the parade down Main Street two years ago? Chilly weather couldn't cool the enthusiasm of a small town welcoming its state championship basketball team back home. Things like that don't happen in Vandalia very often. It deserved a parade.

I'll never forget President Kennedy's funeral procession down Pennsylvania Avenue. The horse drawn caisson followed by a rider less horse left a lasting impression. Everyone was moved by the young widow and two small children following close behind. No one called it a parade. But it was! Jesus' last week began with a parade. We call it the Triumphal Entry. Palm Sunday marks the event. But this too was a parade of a different sort. Back to that in a moment.

For the next eight weeks, I am going to walk you through the daily journal of Jesus' last week. The Bible recognizes the importance of these events. Matthew devotes eight ...

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