by Ernest Easley

Growing and Knowing It
Ernest Easley
1 Peter 2.4-10
September 10, 2006

Tonight ... we are back in the New Testament book of hope and that would be 1st Peter. As you are turning to 1st Peter .. I want to ask you to please put Julie and I and our group that is headed tomorrow morning to Turkey, on your prayer list.
We will be flying to Istanbul where we will begin our tour of the seven churches of Asia Minor which is modern day Turkey. You will find those seven churches in Revelation 2-3. We will be traveling to each of the seven churches where we will learn more about the early church and the significance of those seven churches.
And while you're praying for us .. please pray for Dr. Richard Harris who will be preaching during next Sunday's 9:30 a.m. worship gathering and for Jason Miley, who will be preaching next Sunday night. I know that God will speak through those two men as you gather next Sunday to worship.
All right .. now look with me to 1st Peter. You know by now that he is writing to scattered saints. And why were they scattered? Persecution. The enemies of the gospel thought that by persecuting the saints causing them scatter ... that they would put out the flames of the gospel. But rather than silencing the gospel .. the plan back-fired and they ended up spreading the gospel.
But as you can imagine .. those scattered saints needed some encouragement. After all .. they had fled for their lives to an unfamiliar land. I'm sure they went through days of discouragement. And under the leadership of the Holy Spirit ... Peter wrote these five chapters of HOPE!
In fact ...when Warren Wiersbe wrote his commentary on the book of 1st Peter .. he titled it simply: "BE HOPEFUL." Regardless of your circumstances .. regardless of your valley .. regardless of how rough things are for you today ... YOU CAN BE HOPFUL! YES .. THERE IS HOPE!
That is .. for every child of God and Peter tells us why beginning in chap ...

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