by Steve Wagers

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Tragedy Turned into Triumph! (7 of 13)
A Closer Look at the Book: JOSHUA
Steve Wagers
Joshua 8
November 1. 2006

Sermon Outline
1. A Divine Consultation!
A) The Grief they turned From
B) The God they Turned To
2. A Decisive Confederation!
A) An Interesting Strategy
B) An Impressive Success
1. The City Cleansed
2. The City Captured
3. The City Claimed
3. A Dynamic Celebration!
A) The Sweet Worship that was Expressed
B) The Sacred Word that was Embraced

He felt like a failure! Everything he attempted seemed to turn out wrong. He began to fantasize about being rich. He would do the one thing he could do to make the most money in the briefest period of time. He would take up the occupation of bank robbing.

The would-be bank robber began to plan his strategy. He sat up late at night working on detailed plans, drawing sketches and going over steps he would take in robbing the bank. But he could never seem to get around to robbing the bank. He would plan each night, but when morning came, his anxiety paralyzed him, again.

One night he determined that his mind was made up. Regardless of his feelings he would force himself to rob the bank the next morning. The next morning an anxiety attack paralyzed him again. Finally he came through it and forced himself to get into his car and go to the bank.

The reluctant bank robber sat in the car in the parking lot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. trying to force himself out of the car. Finally, he got out of the car and went into the bank. At the teller's window he handed the teller his pistol. He stuck his brown paper bag in her face and said, "Don't stick with me. This is a mess-up."

The great British preacher, F. W. Boreham commented in one of his sermons, "Life, like war, is a series of mistakes; and, he is not the best Christian, nor the best general who makes the fewest false steps. Poor mediocrity may secure that; but he is the best who wins the most splendid victories by the retrieval of mis ...

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