by Steve Wagers

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Harlot on Her Way to Heaven! (3 of 13)
A Closer Look at the Book: JOSHUA
Steve Wagers
Joshua 2
October 4. 2006

Sermon Outline
1. Salvation's CORD!
A) The Word that She Received
B) The Lord that She Believed
2. Salvation's CHANGE!
A) Her Past Biography
B) Her Present Behavior
3. Salvation's CORD!
A) The Price of Salvation
B) The Proclamation of Salvation

I love the song "Saved, Saved" written by J. P. Schofield. Schofield wrote the song after one of Mordecai Ham's meetings in Gonzales, Texas. Ham was preaching on the subject, "Christ Our Refuge." In the audience was a man that had killed 4 men. He listened to Ham explain that Christ is a refuge "for sinners of any and every stripe," and that the "Cities of Refuge" are a type of Christ, who is "a haven of hope and eternal forgiveness for all who will flee to Him."

Midway through the sermon the killer jumped up from his seat and began shouting, "Saved! Saved! Saved!" Sitting there in his seat, he found Christ as his refuge. Schofield was so inspired that, the next afternoon, he composed both the words and music for the song.

I've found a friend
Who is all to me,
His love is ever true.
I love to tell how He lifted me,
And what His grace can do for you.

Saved by His power divine,
Saved to new life sublime.
Life now is sweet
And my joy is complete;
For, I'm saved! Saved! Saved!

As we concluded Joshua 1, Joshua had prepared the children of Israel for the crossing of the Jordan on their way to the land of Canaan. Though they had waited 40 years for the land God had promised to them, there was still a 3-day waiting period that they had to endure. This waiting period would prepare them for what God had in store for them.

Their path to the land of promise would not be without obstacles, and opposition. In fact, once they crossed the Jordan River, their first obstacle would be the city of Jericho.

Thus, in Joshua 2, Joshua sends out 2 spies to investigate Jericho. ...

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