by Steve Wagers

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It's Time to Step Up To the Plate! (1 of 13)
A Closer Look at the Book: JOSHUA
Steve Wagers
Joshua 1:1-9
September 20. 2006

Sermon Outline
1. Joshua's Personal Character!
A) The Name of a Great Man!
B) The Nature of a Godly Man!
2. Joshua's Powerful Call!
A) A Specific Call
B) A Special Call
C) A Satisfying Call
3. Joshua's Prosperous Condition!
A) The Word He Is To Follow
B) The Wonder He Is To Find

I once read of a man who absolutely loved the game of baseball. Every chance that he got he went to the ball park and supported his local team, and watched baseball games on television every chance that he got. His life long dream was to play on a team, and said that he would when he got to heaven.

One day he went to the doctor, for some tests, when the doctor came out with some bad news, and good news. He told him, "Frank, I've got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?" Frank said, "Give me the good news." The doctor said, "Well, you are finally going to get your wish. You are going to get to play baseball in heaven after you die." Frank said, "That's great, doc, what's the bad news?" The doctor said, "You're batting clean up tomorrow night!"

The book of Joshua unfolds as Joshua gets ready to step up to the plate. It is time for him to become the leader of Israel militarily, politically, and spiritually.

The book of Joshua is what Frances Shaffer called "a bridge book." Joshua is a bridge between the years of Israel's unsettled wanderings in the desert and their settling down in the land of promise.

The book of Joshua belongs to a special class of Biblical books that are named after their chief character. In fact, Joshua is the first such book named after its main character. The book denotes the transition from the patriarchal age to the age of settled occupation in the land of Canaan. It is not until Joshua that we have the fulfillment of the promise originally given to Abraham in Genesis 12:7 w ...

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