by Robert Walker

Peacefulness in a Perplexing World
ISAIAH 26:1-4

If you look at the opening verses you will see that the prophet describes a strong city. Isaiah tells us the city is strong with walls of salvation and gates of righteousness and truth.

Then he goes on to described that within the security of that city of God there is perfect peace. God would have us to enjoy the security of His peace.

Peace is the constant quest in this life. We talk about peace, we sing about peace, we long for peace. We have those that are shouting impeach Bush and they are marching to end the war because there is a longing for peace. But peace seems to be illusive word of the hour.

Turn on your television and the subject of the hour is peace. We send our ambassadors all over the world trying to negotiate peace treaties.

In the word of God we are encouraged to pray for peace. And in every generation the Church is to lead the world and its congregation in seeking for peace. People have sought for peace for generations.

I am convince and the word of God confirms that if there are any people or any nation who are prepared to fulfill the divine conditions there can be a time of peace.


Victor Frankl was a Jewish Medical Doctor during the 1930's. Frankl was a pioneer of modern day Psychotherapy while a prisoner in a WWII concentration camp, arrested along with other Jews and imprisoned. As a Medical Doctor, he was put to work treating other prisoners.

While serving in that capacity, he had an opportunity to observe people under the most trying of circumstances. He saw people as they lived. And he saw them as they died. He had expected that people who were weak would die and those who were strong would survive.

However, that wasn't always true and it caused Frankl to wander if there wasn't something else involved. What he observed became the source of his "Logo Therapy." He noticed that those who live had one thing in common: they had ch ...

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