by Steve Jones

How To Have A Daily Quiet Time
Steve Jones
Acts 2:42

We looked at the Apostle's Doctrine and now I want to look at prayer because they devoted themselves to prayer.

Don't wait until you're 80 to start reading the Bible every day...that's like cramming for a test.

So my sermon today is a "how to" have a daily quiet time. Now the danger of teaching a how-to like this is the danger of coming across as saying this is THE way to do it. So please understand that I'm NOT saying this is THE way to do it. If you go the Bible book store right now you'll find a dozen books on how to have a quiet time and there are lots of different ways. But I do want to offer A way for those who haven't yet nailed this down.

If you already have a system that works for you...keep it and take a nap for the next 22 minutes. It's only in the latter part of my life that I've become consistent with this so I'm playing catch-up to many of you who've been at this for years and years. Many of you are WAY ahead of me on this. But my goal this morning is that every person in our church be equipped to walk out of here w/ an understanding of how to have a daily quiet time if they decide they WANT to.

Many Christians have trouble being consistent w/ a daily quiet time of reading the Bible and praying.

I'd say the problem w/ consistency is two-fold: First the verbalized problem. If you asked me, during my time of inconsistency, why I was inconsistent, I would say I'm inconsistent because I don't have time. Okay, time-management may be part of the problem and I want to say something about that in a minute. Some people honestly don't have time. Some people work three jobs, have five or six children and no minutes to themselves from the time they wake up until the time they lay their weary heads upon their pillow at night. If that's you...I can't help you too much. You'll just have to pray while you work.

Now for the rest of us, who do not work three jobs; have s ...

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