by Steve Jones

The Promise
Steve Jones
Acts 2:38

Introduction: The minister of the wedding said to the bride: "Do you take this man, for better for worse, richer for poorer, in sickness in health?" She said "I'll take better, richer and health." I'm not sure she understood the promise.

Christians are people of promise and it's important that we understand our promises. Today we want to explore the promise of salvation delivered by Peter on the day of Pentecost, recorded in Acts chapter two.

Peter's audience recognized their need at the conclusion of his sermon. They had broken the law. They had unjustly condemned an innocent man who, in this case, just happened to be their LONG AWAITED MESSIAH. You talk about messing up; they had messed up BIG time.
ILLUS: Reminds me of the young man on a first date who stops at the candy store on the way over to her house and bought a small, medium and large box of candy. The owner asked why and the boy said "If she gives me a handshake she gets the little box. If she gives me a hug, she gets medium and if she gives me a kiss, she gets the big box of candy." That night at the girl's house they had dinner with the family and the father asked the boy to say the blessing. He prayed long and hard. Later, as he was leaving, the girl said "I had no idea you were so spiritual." He said "I had no idea your father was owner of the candy store."
So the Jews had messed up in a big way. They had broken God's law. Not only that, but they had a long history of breaking God's law. There was something within them that rebelled against God and His law, something perverse. Thus we read "Be saved from this perverse (NIV has ‘corrupt') generation."
This mirrors people's need today. We need a promise of salvation for two reasons. First, we have broken God's law and that makes us guilty. Let's not skim over this too quickly. If we start talking about "salvation" before we ...

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