by Steve Jones

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Peter's Best Shot (2 of 2)
Steve Jones

Intro: My daughter went to see the movie "Rocky VI" over the holiday weekend. She liked it so much she asked if we could rent the previous five "Rocky" movies and watch them. I informed her that if she's seen one of the "Rocky" movies, she's seen them all.

Likewise, Peter was a one-note drummer. He preached the same sermon every time he got up to speak. He always had the same purpose -- to persuade people to believe in and become followers of Jesus. He always presented the same six reasons. We looked at the first three reasons last week: Jesus Life, the Eyewitness Testimony, and the Resurrection. Today we're going to look at the next three reasons.

I. Fulfilled Prophecy -- 10:43
"Of Him all the prophets bear witness..."
Clarence Hiller spent the afternoon painting the trim on the outside of his two-story house in Chicago. By early evening he and his family had retired to bed. However, what happened next would change criminal law in America forever.
The Hillers woke in the early morning hours of September 19, 1910, and became suspicious that a light near their daughter's bedroom had gone out. Clarence went to investigate. His wife heard a quick succession of sounds: a scuffle, two men tumbling down the stairs, two gunshots, and the slamming of the front door. She emerged to find Clarence dead at the foot of the stairs.
Police arrested Thomas Jennings, a convicted burglar, less than a mile away. There was blood on his clothes and his left arm had been injured -- both, he said, from falling on a streetcar. In his pocket they found the same kind of gun that had been used to shoot Clarence Hiller, but they couldn't determine if it was the murder weapon.
Knowing they needed more to convict Jennings, detectives scoured the inside of Hiller's home in a search for additional clues. One fact soon became obvious: the killer had entered through a rear kitchen window. Detectives went outside -- a ...

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