by Steve Wagers

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God's 4-Letter Word! (4 of 8)
A Closer Look at the Book: 1 THESSALONIANS
Steve N. Wagers
1 Thessalonians 3:1-4:8
November 5. 2006

Sermon Outline
1. The Despair of a Servant!
A) The Absence that Grieved His Heart
B) The Adversity that Gripped His Heart
1. The Force He Identified
2. The Foe He Introduced
2. The Desire of a Shepherd!
A) A Strong Faith
B) A Sweet Fellowship
C) A Sure Future
3. The Duty of a Saint!
A) The Walk that Depicts a Holy Life
B) The Will that Demands a Holy Life
1) A Life Committed to God
2) A Life Clean before God

The average person knows 10,000 words and uses 5,000 in everyday speech. A journalist knows approximately 15,000 and uses around 10,000. Women possess about 25,000 words in their vocabulary, to use every day; and, men possess around 10-15,000 words in their vocabulary.

Someone has said that:

Did is a word of achievement,
Won't is a word of retreat,
Might is a word of bereavement,
Can't is a word of defeat,
Ought is a word of duty,
Try is a word each hour,
Will is a word of beauty,
Can is a word of power.

In Webster's 1971 Unabridged Dictionary there were a total of 450,000 words in the English vocabulary. According to the 2004 Encyclopedia Americana there are now 800,000 words in the English vocabulary, 300,000 of which are technical terms. [1] The 10 most common words are "the, of, to, and, a, in, is, it, you and that." [2]

God, who is the giver of all words and vocabularies, has a few choice words of His own. In fact, from this section of Paul's letter we learn that God's 4-letter word, for every Christian, is the word "Holy."

In order to uncover the theme of this section, we must begin at chapter 3 where we find, first of all:

It is no secret that the apostle Paul possessed a deep love for these Thessalonian believers. Twice in this division, in verses 3 and 5, he expressed that "he could no longer forbear." Thus, he sent his young ...

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