by Brad Whitt

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Mary's Song -- She Praises The Lord (2 of 4)
Mary's Christmas
Brad Whitt
Luke 1:39-56

Temple Baptist Church
Simpsonville, SC

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at Luke chapter 1 if you would. We are in a series of sermons for the Christmas season that we have entitled, "Mary's Christmas." And there are two reasons why we're going to spend four weeks looking at Christmas from Mary's point of view. For one thing, since she's the one who carried around the little baby Jesus in her belly for nine months, saw Him grow into a man, and ultimately watched Him die on the cross, she is going to have a very intimate and personal insight into who the Savior is and what the Savior did. She's going to know Him better than anybody else. And then, secondly, we as Baptist generally know very little about this very special woman. Just to be honest, we have probably reacted to the Catholics attempts to magnify her and elevate her even above the Lord Jesus by minimizing her and only giving her a short nod and a passing glance during the Christmas season. And so, I want us to spend the month of December not only learning about her, but learning from her as well, what it means to receive and respond to the grace of God.

Last week, we began this study by looking at Mary's Submission, and we saw how she presented herself to the Lord. Next week we'll be studying Mary's Searching -- how she pondered the ways of the Lord. And then on Christmas Eve morning we'll find Mary Sacrificing as she performs the Law of the Lord in bring Jesus to the Temple to be circumcised. But now this morning is going to be extra special, because this morning we're going to find Mary Singing, she's praising the Lord.

ILLUS: I like what George Matheson said, "When we are first introduced to Mary, we don't see her, we hear her. She has burst into a song. It is a song of glory."

Have you ever wondered why we have so many Christmas songs? ...

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