by Ernest Easley

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Praying with the Savior (1 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
John 17.1-5
July 9, 2006

Now join me this morning in the gospel .. the good news according to John and once there ... find chapter 17. When you come to chapter 17 ... Jesus is just a few hours away from His betrayal .. arrest .. trial and crucifixion and He knew it.
The pressure was mounting. God's plan for providing mankind the way to peace and eternal life was nearly complete. And what do we find Jesus doing? Well .. first let me tell you what He wasn't doing. He wasn't panicking as though His world was spinning out of control! No! He was committed to fulfilling the will of the Father no matter what! It was His passion! It was His purpose. "Not My will, but Your will be done."
No wonder there was no panic in the heart of Jesus. No .. He wasn't panicking .. He was praying! And this morning as well as the next couple of Sunday mornings ... we're eavesdropping on the greatest prayer ever prayed!
Now somebody says, "Why do you say the greatest prayer ever prayed?" Well .. because of the person of the prayer: Jesus is praying! And because of the period of the prayer: just hours before the cross. And because of the purpose of the prayer: that He may be glorified and that He might glorify His Father!
You see .. this really is the greatest prayer ever prayed. In fact .. it is the longest prayer in the Bible. But that doesn't make it the greatest prayer. I've heard some long prayers there were not necessarily
great prayers .. haven't you?
Don't think you have to pray a long prayer for it be an effective prayer! I mean .. this is the longest prayer in the Bible and yet .. if you read it .. it can be said in about three minutes!
Do you remember when Peter started to sink in the water? He voiced a three-word prayer: "Lord, save me." And He did! I would call that effective prayer .. wouldn't you? Even a short prayer will reach the throne of grace! Amen?
So .. we are prayin ...

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