by Ernest Easley

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When You Get Tired Of The Whole Thing
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 6:7-9
November 26, 2006

Now as you are turning to Galatians chapter 6 .. I just wonder: Do you find it difficult to stick with something? Have you ever started a project and never finished it? I mean .. even to this day it's sitting in your garage or in your closet or in your basement ... started, yet not finished!
We're pretty good about starting a project .. but what about finishing it? I'm talking about being as determined in the fourth quarter as you are at the kick off! The truth is that everyone of us at times are tempted to say, "I'm tired of the whole thing ... I quit!"
For you .. you may be on the verge of quit! For you .. it may be a marriage. You're thinking, "I'm tired of trying! I'm tired of being tired. I'm filing for a divorce. I quit!"
For others .. it may be a ministry! You've been working hard .. making visits .. preparing lessons and it seems that you're just wasting your time. Nobody is getting saved. Nobody is getting on fire for God. And you're thinking, "Why am I doing all this? For what? I quit." It could be your marriage or perhaps ministry.
It could be morally! You've kept yourself clean morally and you're thinking, "What's the use? What difference does it make? Being a virgin until my honeymoon isn't that big of a deal. I quit!"
Well .. before you quit in that marriage .. before you walk away from that ministry .. before you compromise your morals ... I want you to hear what Paul said to the churches at Galatia because apparently some of the church members were ready to quit! They had become discouraged in their work. Perhaps they had been: teaching the scriptures ... witnessing to their neighbors ... they had been trying to build a Sunday School class and they weren't seeing many results! You put it down: the Devil loves to see the saints of God get discouraged! Like some of you .. they became dis ...

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