by Ernest Easley

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Don't Forget the Word!
Series: Yes - There Is Hope
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Peter 1.22-25

We are back in the New Testament book of HOPE ... and of course that would be 1st Peter. Let me encourage you again to bring with you on these Sunday nights a notepad and pen along with your study Bible.

Now if I was a Sunday School teacher here at Roswell Street Baptist Church and I knew that next year I would be teaching my class the book of 1st Peter ... I would be here every Sunday night listening and learning for my own personal growth .. but also to better prepare myself to teach this book of hope to my class next year.

And don't just write a few notes on your bulletin and then stick them in a drawer when you get home. Years ago I bought 66 file folders .. one for every book of the Bible. I had a Genesis file ... Exodus File and so forth. And when I would take notes from a sermon or a lesson or find an article in the newspaper or another publication let's say that the book of Genesis dealt with .. I would simply slip it in the Genesis folder for future reference.

Well over time .. I would have so much material that I then created a folder for every chapter of Genesis. Genesis 1 ... Genesis 2 and so forth. Again .. I would add material to those folders as I came across information that those chapters dealt with.

You would be surprised how many resources and Bible study helps you collect over time. And if you've never considered a study system like that .. it's a good time to begin. You could begin with creating a 1st Peter file and a Galatians file. And then begin adding more files as you study God's word!

Now in a minute .. we're going to begin reading in 1st Peter 1.22. But before we do .. let me remind you that Peter is writing to saints that were scattered across Asia Minor (Turkey) due to persecution for their faith. I can imagine how displaced and discouraged many of them were. I can imagine that they had a sense of hopelessness as they look a ...

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