by Ernest Easley

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From Hope to Holiness
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Peter 1.13-16
August 13, 2006

We are enjoying some wonderful worship times these summer Sunday nights here in the Vision Center. And not only wonderful worship ... but some fabulous fellowship. I want to especially thank our Deacons for helping prepare this room for us after our morning activities.
Now tonight .. while we are in here .. our Sunday School leaders are in a training time with Tom Jones preparing for the new Sunday School year. If you want to be an encouragement to your Sunday School leaders ... you ought to drop them a personal note this week. You can email them .. call them .. write them ... but this week, take a few minutes and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do and that you'll be praying for them throughout the new Sunday School year.
Now let me also remind you that next Sunday night we're going to enjoy a time of worship with our Brazilian Fellowship. Pastor Odilion and I will be preaching together as he interprets my message into Portugese. And then afterward .. we're going to enjoy an American meal and Brazilian deserts. I hope you'll plan to be here with a friend.
We are continuing our study tonight in the New Testament book of Hope! And of course I'm talking about the book of 1st Peter. By now you know that Peter wrote this letter to encourage and give hope to those saints that had scattered due to persecution.
They were: displaced .. discouraged .. dejected and what they needed is the same thing we need today: HOPE! So .. verse after verse Peter declares "Yes, there is Hope!" You say, "Pastor, is there any hope for me?" There is if you're a child of God! There is if you've been born again! And the reason you now have hope is because you've been born again to a living hope! You've been born again to a lasting inheritance! And when you come to understand that ... hope is born!
Now that's what we've discovered so far in ...

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