by Ernest Easley

The Lion Roars as Ruler
The Devils Devices and the Saints Defenses
Ernest L. Easley
1 Chronicles 21.1-14

As you are turning to 1 Chronicles 21 if you were asked to name David's great sin chances are you would say ''Bathsheba.'' Yes the sin with Bathsheba was most certainly his greatest sin. After all THAT SIN was not only a sin against God a sin against himself a sin against Bathsheba a sin against Bathsheba's husband and her family.

And if that wasn't bad enough because of THAT SIN we read in 2 Samuel 11.17 that Uriah, her husband was killed. Now as bad as David's sin was with Bathsheba I want to show you a sin that David committed that by far surpassed his sin with Bathsheba.

You ask, ''Is that possible?'' It is and I'll show you. In a moment we're going to begin reading in 1 Chronicles 21.1 Now we've been learning how Satan will do anything work through anyone that he'll stop at nothing to drive a wedge between us and God. His ultimate goal is to destroy us! Not merely to cause us grief he wants us G O N E: Gone!

Yes the Devil has several devices. And God does not want us ignorant of those devices. We read in 2 Corinthians 2.11 that we're not to be ''ignorant of his devices'' his plots his purpose his evil scheming. He is like a ''roaring lion seeking whom he may devour'' (1 Peter 5.8).

To Eve he roared as Deceiver. To Job he roared as Destroyer. To Joshua the high priest he roared as Accuser. And tonight we're going to find that to David, he roared as Ruler.

So lets see what this sin was that caused more harm than his sin with Bathsheba. We find it beginning in verse 1 as

The Lion Roars as Ruler

1 Chronicles 21.1-14

Now Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel. So David said to Joab, and to the leaders of his people, 'Go, number Israel from Beersheba to Dan, and bring the number of them to me that I may know it.' And Joab answered, 'May the LORD make His people a hundred times more than they are. But, my lo ...

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