by Robert Walker

The Touch That Leads to New Life!
Robert Walker
Matthew 8:14-15; Mark 1:21-34

This must have been a very demanding Sabbath day for our Lord, and a very blessed day for those that were with Him. Early in the morning He went to the Synagogue'' where He taught the people and set free a man from the power of an unclean spirit.

Then in the afternoon He went to the home of Simon Peter and restored his sick mother-in-law. Then in the evening He healed many that were diseased and devil-possessed.

But in spite of a very tiring day, verse 35 tells us that Jesus was up early the next morning, ''a great while before day'', praying to His Father in Heaven.

If you are going through a storm of struggle in your life just think He's praying for you. When you are having financial losses that have you reeling? He's praying for you.

If you have problems and difficulties you don't know how to solve? He's praying for you. Amidst the storm and the struggle and the tragedy and the turmoil of life, keep in mind Jesus is praying for you! That's one of the most encouraging truths in the whole Bible to me. Jesus is praying for us.

You see His miracles are miracles with a message. Let us look at Mark's account of this busy day but blessed day where we have a message from a miracle that teaches us some valuable lessons.


Simon's Peter mother-in-law lay sick with a fever. When we pay attention to the physical condition of Peter's mother-in-law we see a depiction of men and women that are living in their sins.

She was ''sick of a fever'', and sin is a fever, a disease that has taken the whole human race in its grasp. How does anyone know if he has a fever? How did Peter's family know that she had a fever?

1. Weakness is Experienced

Mark tells us that she ''lay sick of a fever''; she was unable to rise from her bed. She was helpless, prostrate and without strength. Friend this is the biography of every man suffering from the fever o ...

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