by Robert Walker

Trusting Christ in Tough Times
Robert Walker
Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

Now the sea they sailed on was subject to sudden storms that could work havoc. As matter of fact Matthew uses a Greek word to describe an earthquake.

Can you imagine the scene for a moment? The little boat had left the safety of the harbor with Jesus and His disciples on board.

All was calm as they headed across the lake.
But suddenly, out of nowhere it seemed, the boat was caught in the fury of the storm.

This is a dramatic picture of the daily life of every Christian. As believers we are on a journey from earth to heaven. Sometimes this journey is calm as things are moving along quite nicely for us; all is calm and all is bright and then the calm is shattered as without any warning the storm strikes.

And our faith falters. There are those times when we ask is anybody there. It seems like the Lord has cuddled up on a cushion in the stern fast asleep.

So they awakened Him and asked Him in Mark 4:38 ''Teacher, don't you care if we drown?'' For these disciples it seems like He is detached and indifferent to their situation.

We all have been there when we are facing the storms of life and it seems like Jesus doesn't care. We are in darkness and despair and it seems like Jesus makes no attempt to come and help us.

Immediately He arose and rebuked the storm, ''and there was a great calm'' (v39). Then He gently rebuked them, and they stood back and wondered.

My message for this morning is the ''Triumph of Christ in Touch Times.''


Let us go over unto the others side. Those words express the Lord's purpose. The Lord has declared that is His purpose to accompany His own children on the journey of life and to land them safely on the other side.

Does He have a purpose in allowing us to be tested and tossed about? Indeed, He does! There are at least four reasons why He led His disciples into the storm and permitte ...

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