by Ron Dunn

Law of Provision
Ron Dunn
Matthew 6:24-34

Read Matthew 6:24-34

There was a cross erected on Calvary long before there was a Garden of Eden ever made. So God opens his hand and satisfies the desire of every living creature. It is an interesting study to see how God specifically satisfies the desire and has made provision for every creature.

I was visiting my folks in Arkansas a few weeks ago. We went out in the woods one day, and saw some robins. It was the time of the year when the robins were beginning to come out. We also saw a lot of sparrows. Have you ever watched how a robin eats, and how a sparrow eats? A robin is a large bird, very slow and deliberate. Robins love to eat worms. God has given them built-in radar. Sometimes you sit down and watch a robin as he seeks out his food. He will walk around the ground and duck his head. He is getting that radar tuned in on that worm in the ground. After awhile he finds out where the worm is, and he pulls that worm out. Every time, before the robin will eat, he will lift his head and ask the blessing. Then he will eat the worm. That's the way the robin eats. He will move around the ground, ducking that head, letting that radar pick up whatever vibrations that worm puts out. He finds the worm, lifts his head to heaven, and eats the worm.

Now, what if God had made sparrows, that are much more plentiful and faster, to like worms and with built-in radar. Well, the robins would starve to death! While the robin was trying to find a worm, the sparrows would already have eaten all of them. God didn't make the sparrows that way. Sparrows don't seek out worms. They will eat insects, flies, crumbs, straw, grass, and anything else they can find. You see, God has made abundant provision for all things.

The same thing is true of a man's life. Most of us this morning are worrying about the physical and materials needs of our lives because we are assuming responsibility that God never intended us to have. There is o ...

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