by Robert Walker

The Tragedy That Should Never Happen
Robert walker
I timothy 1:18-20

The Titanic is just one of many famous shipwrecks. We could also talk about the Andrea Doria, the Lusitania or the Edmund Fitzgerald. All were tragedies that should never have happened. They boasted that even God could sink the Titanic. But on April 10, 1912 the R.M.S. Titanic left her berth at the harbor in Southampton, England. This was the maiden voyage for the 882 foot long ocean liner that had been billed as unsinkable.

She carried with her 2,228 passengers and crew. Four days into the voyage, on April 14, 1912 severe ice warnings were received for the area through which the Titanic was sailing. These warnings were ignored and the Titanic maintained her course for New York harbor. At 11:40 PM the Titanic struck an iceberg on the starboard side of her bow. She began to take on water at an frightening rate and within three hours the Titanic and 1,523 of her passengers were at the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Only 705 of the original 2,228 persons stay alive after that great shipwreck.Since 1912, people have tried to figure out what happened to bring about the annihilation of a ship call unsinkable. Most people would agree that the tragedy was a mixture of many things including negligence, apathy, greed, pride and incompetence. In other words, the tragedy could have been avoided had all the appropriate steps been taken by the captain and crew of the Titanic. But, since those steps were no taken, a tragic loss of life transpired on the cold night in the North Atlantic.

The fact is that not all shipwrecks happen at sea? It's true! Most shipwrecks occur on dry ground not on the North Atlantic but in the local church. Our text records the names of two men in the early church that has experienced such a shipwreck: Hymenaeus and Alexander.
Most of us in this room will never be caught up in a shipwreck at sea. However, the possibility exists that we might endure a shipwreck in our spiri ...

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