by Brad Whitt

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I Believe In God The Father, Who Runs To You When You Return
I Believe
Brad Whitt
Luke 15:11-24

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at Luke chapter 15 if you would, and in just a few moments we'll be looking at verses 11-24 as we continue in our series of studies on the fundamentals of our faith that we have entitled, "I Believe."

What we're doing in this simple series of sermons is simply going through our statement of faith as Southern Baptists and finding out what we believe about the Bible, about God, about the Church, about society and about the end of the age.

The last time that we were together we looked at and we learned what the Bible has to say about itself. It is pure and it is perfect. It is straight and it is sure. It is dependable and it is desirable. It will restore you and restrain you and reward you. It will give you joy and it will give you wisdom. That's what will take place in your life if you will get into this book and get this book into you.

Now, this morning as we continue here in our study we're going to learn what the Bible says, and what we believe, about God the Father, and we're going to do this by studying a famous parable that Jesus told out of Luke 15. Luke 15 is all about lost things. For example, there is a lost sheep and there is a lost silver, but most folks are most familiar with the lost son that is presented to us in verses 11-24. This is one of the best known stories in all of the Bible, but most of the time when you read about this story or you hear a sermon preached from this passage it centers on the son instead of focusing on the father. As a matter of fact, most people refer to this as the story of the prodigal son.

Well, we're not going to be studying about the son so much this morning as we are going to be focusing on the father. And I believe that as we look at what the Son had to say about this father we're going to learn some tremend ...

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