by Marvin D. Patterson

How to Become Stronger in the Lord
Marvin D. Patterson

1. The Private Walk with God
a. Develop a Daily Prayer Time
b. Develop a Daily Bible Study Time
2. The Public Walk with God
a. Practice Church Attendance Regularly
b. Practice Witnessing for the Lord Daily

I believe deep down inside everyone wants to become stronger in their walk with God. Certainly, God desires to see His children grow in their faith just as much as we desire to see our children grow up into mature individuals. When Karen was just a Baby, Wanda and I desired to see her grow into childhood. When Karen got to be a child, our desire was to see her grow into a teenager. When she got to be a teenager, our desire was to see her grow into adulthood. I believe God also desires to see us continue to grow in our Christian life until the day that we meet Him in heaven!

Our private walk with God is where it all starts. I Peter 2:2 says that we are to grow in our relationship with Christ. The first area of this private walk with God is the area of prayer. Prayer is the spiritual breath of the Christian. If we are not praying daily, we are not growing in our walk with the Lord. Prayer to God is our top priority. Have you prayed today? 5-30 minutes a day will keep you strong, and it will help increase your faith as you see God work to answer your prayers. Look at Psalm 5:3. Mark 1:35 Jesus prayed early in the morning.

Children's Prayers
• Dear God, I know you love me but I wish you would give me an "A" on my report card so I could be sure. Love, Theresa. (Age 8, Milwaukee)
• Dear Pastor, Could you say a special blessing for my Aunt Beatrice? She has been looking for a husband for 12 years and still hasn't found one. Yours sincerely, Debbie. (Age 9, Duluth)
• Dear Pastor, Do I have to say grace before every meal? Even when I am only having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Wesley. (Age 9, Baltimore)
• Dear Pastor, Thank you for your sermon on Sunday. I ...

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