by Ron Dunn

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Ministry of Circumstances
Ron Dunn
Romans 8

You can have victory over sin, victory over self and victory over Satan, but there is another area in which we must have victory if we are going to live a consistent Christian life. Unless we come to experience victory in this area, then in all of the other areas (sin, self, Satan) we will not accomplish the life of overcoming that God has intended all of us to experience. I want to speak to you today on victory over situations, or victory over circumstances. I want you to remember that phrase victory over circumstances because in a moment I am going to change the wording of this phrase, and it is going to be an essential change. In the changing of that wording you are going to find the key to being victorious over every circumstance.
There are two kinds of circumstances. 1) There are those circumstances that we can control and they pose little or no problem. If there is a circumstance we are not particularly fond of and we can change it, then we change it. But there are other circumstances that present problems in living in victory. 2) These are circumstances we cannot control. So there are circumstances we can control, and there are circumstances we cannot control. There are circumstances we can change, and then there are circumstances that we cannot change—even though we wish we could.
I have an idea there are some of us here today that are dreading to see this conference conclude because we are going to have to return to a situation that we wish we could change but know we are powerless to do so.. This is the circumstance over which we need to have victory. Unless you and I leave this conference knowing how to experience victory over uncontrollable and unchangeable circumstances, we are not going to live a consistent Christian life. You see, everywhere you go you are in the midst of circumstances.
Now, I want to change that phrase: victory over circumstances. Here was ...

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