by Steve Wagers

Classify Yourself!
Steve Wagers
1 Corinthians 2:12-3:3
September 17, 2006

1. The Depraved Natural Man!
A) No Apprehension of Spiritual Things
B) No Appreciation for Spiritual Things
2. The Deformed Unnatural Man
A) An Unnatural Appetite
B) An Unnatural Attitude
C) An Unnatural Appearance
3. The Desired Supernatural Man!
A) How He Grows
B) What He Shows
C) Who He Knows

It is said that the grand soldier of the South, General Robert E. Lee, waited out his last days in near poverty. One day, some men approached him to offer him an unusual proposition. If he would merely sign a piece of paper, they would not ask him to make decisions not put in office hours. They simply wanted the use of his good name.

General Lee took up his cane and said, "Men, I lost my home in the war; I lost my fortune in the way; I lost everything in the way, except my name. And but I am not ready to sell my good name to anyone, no matter how much it may be worth, especially for a product of doubtful repute."

Someone has said that every Christian has 4 names: saint, for his holiness; believer, for his faith; brother, for his love; and, disciple, for his commitment.

I wonder if you are a Christian, how are you living up to your name?

Warren Wiersbe said, "Every man has 3 names, one his father gives him, one others call him, and one he acquires himself."

A lady cornered Dr. R. G. Lee after one of his "rip snorting" sermons on sin, and said, "Dr. Lee, I didn't appreciate that sermon." R. G. Lee said, "The devil didn't either, lady, so classify yourself."

If you were to classify yourself, which category would you fall into? Everyone single person falls into 1 of the 3 categories given in 1 Corinthians 2, and 3.


This man is a spiritual ZOMBIE. He is dead, because he is depraved and defiled. His human spirit has never been brought to life by the Holy Spirit.

[C. p. Romans 5: 12]
"As by one man's sin enter ...

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