by Steve Wagers

Jesus Is Precious To Me!
Steve Wagers
1 Peter 2: 4-7
October 8, 2006

1. There is No RIVAL to Jesus!
A) To His Person
B) To His Power
2. There is No REDEEMER but Jesus!
A) An Eternal Work
B) A Supernal Work
3. There is No REPLACEMENT for Jesus!
A) How Grievous is the Life that Excludes Him
B) How Glorious is the Life that Includes Him

A number of years ago there lived a medical missionary in China. Whenever someone came to him for treatment, he would always treat them and then tell them the story of Jesus. One morning, before the clinic doors opened, there came an old woman stooped with age. The missionary could tell by the dust on her feet and clothing that she had traveled a long way.

That morning, he treated her and, as always, told her about Jesus. The missionary said, "As the rose opens to receive the rays of the noon-day sun, so her heart opened to receive the Savior. Her tears made little rivulets down her dusty cheeks as she gave her life to Jesus."

Several weeks later, there was a knock at the missionary's door. When he opened the door, he found the same old woman that had come to him several weeks before. She said, "Sir, He has saved me, and I know that He lives in my heart. He has made my life so happy; but, I have forgotten His name. Could you please tell me His name again? The missionary repeated to her the name "Jesus;" and, each time the little old lady echoed the name, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"

Lela Long heard that story and wrote:

Jesus is the sweetest name I know,
And He's just the same as His lovely name.
That's the reason why I love Him so;
For, Jesus is the sweetest name I know.

As you read Peter's epistle, you find that there were several things "precious" to Peter. In 1 Peter 1:7 the "trials of our faith" are precious. In 1 Peter 1:18, the blood of Jesus is precious. In 2 Peter 1:1 our faith is precious; and, in 2 Peter 1: 4 the "promises of God" are precious.

In our text we see that Jesus i ...

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