by Steve Wagers

The God Who Doesn't Need Prozac!
Steve Wagers
Job 19: 25-27
September 10, 2006

Sermon Outline
1. The God of Priceless Redemption!
A) One Who Is Close
B) One Who Is Compassionate
2. The God of Matchless Resurrection!
A) The Prophetic Resurrection of God's Son
B) The Personal Resurrection of God's Servant
3. The God of Timeless Revelation!
A) His Marvelous Return
B) His Glorious Reign

Without question, the most devastating event ever to touch American soil took place September 11, 2001, 5 years ago tomorrow. Although our motto became "We Will Never Forget," we have, in part, forgotten how that event has forever altered the state of our economic, political, public and private affairs.

I think of a book written, shortly after September 11, by Colonel Jeffrey O'Leary of the United States Air Force. In the book he asked the question, "Where was God in this tragedy?" He answered that question by looking at what didn't happen that could have easily happened that day. He begins by looking at the flight manifests. He writes:

"On American Airlines Flight 77, 289 seats were available, only 64 people were aboard. On American Airlines Flight 11, 251 seats were available, on 92 aboard. On United Airlines Flight 175, 351 seats were available, only 65 aboard. On United Airlines Flight 93, 289 seats were available, only 45 were aboard."

He continues:
"Out of a minimum of 75,000 potential ‘victims' that day, more than 93% survived these despicable acts. The buildings in New York City should have collapsed immediately. Who held them up until tens of thousands could make it out? The Pentagon was hit at its strongest point, but it was nearly empty, in those sections, due to renovations. Why did the plane hit just those 2 sections?"

He concludes:
"Where was God on September 11th? He was the same place He was on September 10th, right where He was supposed to be: on the throne, in charge, and nothing out of His sight. [1]

Can I tell yo ...

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