by Steve Wagers

Can You Believe That?
Steve Wagers
Mark 6: 1-6

British poll of belief in supernatural:
(68%) in ghosts
(55%) in God.
(26%) in UFO's
(19%) in reincarnation
(4%) Loch Ness Monster.
(12%) have actually seen a ghost.
Spokesman David Rich said: "We are becoming a society that believes more in ghosts than in God."

Barna survey of beliefs:
33% in moral absolutes
32% depends of situation
58% claim to Christian
5% hold to Biblical view
Biblical worldview is:
Moral absolutes exist;
The source of truth is the Bible;
The Bible is "accurate in all of the principles it teaches"; salvation is by grace alone; Jesus lived a sinless life; believers have a duty to witness;
Satan is real and not just a symbol;
God is the "all-knowing, all-powerful maker of the universe who still rules that creation today."

I read about this preacher that announced that the next Sunday he was going to preach on Noah and his Ark. The next Sunday he got up to read his text not knowing that some boys had glued some of the pages of his Bible together. He began to read, "Noah took unto himself a wife and she was," he turned the page and continued to read, "three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high."
He paused and then read it again. He then looked up and said, "You know, I have been studying the Bible for almost fifty years, but there are still some things in that are hard to believe."

Can you believe that? I find something even more unbelievable in Mark 6. It is the unbelief portrayed, pictured and practiced by the people in Jesus' day.

1. How SHOCKING was Their Unbelief!
Their unbelief was shocking because of:

In the previous chapter, Mark 5, these same people (v. 1), had just observed some miraculous things. Jesus took a stroll through Mercy Hospital and touched a demonized man, a diseased woman, and a dead child.

Yet, they still were filled with unbelief!

(v. 1)-Anyt ...

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