by Daniel Rodgers

How Do You Spell Happy?
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 68:3

TEXT: Psalm 68:3, But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.

HUMOR: One day an old man was sitting on a park bench crying. A policeman noticed him and asked why he was crying. "Well," said the old man, "I just got married to a beautiful twenty-five year old woman. She is the sweetest thing you would ever want to meet—and so loving and so full of energy. Every morning she makes me a wonderful breakfast. While I'm waiting for breakfast, she has my coffee and paper in place. In the afternoon she makes me the best lunch; then we hold hands and go for a walk together. At dinner time she makes me a meal fit for a king. She gives me a neck rub and brings me my desert in the parlor. I am the most blessed man on earth! All my friends envy me because she's so young and pretty and such a good wife.

The policeman looks at the old man and says, "You shouldn't be crying! You should be the happiest man in the world!" The old man said, "I know! I know! I'm crying because I don't remember where I live!"1

INTRODUCTION: As we think about the message this morning, How Do You Spell ‘Happy'? Let me ask you a question; what makes you happy?

I'm sure if we were to take a survey this morning, we would come up with a variety of answers. For some, happiness is being with family and enjoying time with the kids and grandchildren. For others, happiness may be the momentary pleasures of life, simply enjoying a trip to the mountains or the ocean—being able to leave everything at home for awhile. For you, to be happy means burying yourself in a project or a hobby—doing something that brings personal gratification and pleasure.

For others, happiness may be the contentment you find in your career—you're doing the exact thing you've always wanted to do—the thing you went to school like your job.

HUMOR: Maybe you're like the person who couldn't say e ...

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