by Fred Lowery

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Counter Culture Parenting
Series: Raising Spiritual Champions
Fred Lowery
1 Samuel 17:55

Sometimes I wish that I could be something other than a Baptist for a few minutes and shout. We are doing a series on parenting because we have partnered with the young parents in this church to try to help you raising spiritual champions. We want to help you with your marriage. We want to help your parenting skills. We want to help you in the financial area of your life so that you can raise these children to be spiritual champions. I want you to be in every one of these services because you need to hear. Well, let me just ask you, how many of you have children, let me see your hands? And keep your hands up for a minute. Those of you who don't have, but would like to have children, just raise your hands up with them. How many of you have grandchildren, raise your hands. How many of you know somebody who has children, raise your hands. These messages are for all of you, okay? This information is information that we all need, especially next Sunday because in preparing for this series and doing some research, I'm really concerned that the average church member doesn't have a biblical world view. The vast majority of people who come to our churches, even leaders in our churches, do not have a biblical world view. They are not able to communicate what every child's needs and so our children grow up without a biblical world view. Now, let me tell you, in days gone by, maybe kids could handle that and turn out okay, but it's not going to get you through in the 21st Century because we've got to correct basically everything that's going on out there in the world. We have to correct what they get out of the media and we have to correct some of what they get in public education. So if we don't build biblical truth into our kids, we're going to lose them. That's what's happening now. We are losing our kids. They graduate from high school, go to college, and they are not coming ba ...

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