by Michael Romero

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More Excellent Than the Angels
The Elevation of Jesus Christ
Michael Romero
Hebrews 1:4-2:4


Today as we begin the second sermon in our series, "Hebrews-The Elevation of Jesus Christ" I want to start with a quote from Dr. William Barclay, once Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University,

He says,

"It is fatally easy to think of Christianity as something to be discussed and not as something to be experienced."

While we study about Christ's supremacy we should keep in mind that the facts about Jesus Christ should affect our Christian life. If they don't then it is still only information.

To "experience" Christ's supremacy is to exalt and elevate Him in our hearts to the point that He alone occupies our mind and influences our thinking, our purpose, and our motives, even to the very public and outward expression of His character through us.

We spoke about how, along with the superiority of Jesus Christ comes the superiority of the whole of Christianity.

However, without the outward expression of Christ being made alive in us Christianity does not advance and therefore, the cause of Christ does not advance.

Without observable evidence of our follower-ship, Christianity and its' supreme leader, Jesus Christ, cannot penetrate the worlds philosophy's and thinking in order to accomplish God's will for mankind.

God intended for us to react to His Son's position and authority which is why the first chapter of Hebrews is designated to the affirmation and exaltation of His Son. Additionally, the book of Hebrews is designed in a way that asks us to filter everything through who Christ is and respond accordingly.

Let's begin today by opening our Bibles to the first chapter of Hebrews.

Last week we covered the first four verses of this chapter but today I want us to start again in verse four were we left off and begin to look at three things.

1. Christ's Supremacy over the Angels (4-6)
2. Th ...

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