by Robert Walker

JOHN 4:29

Would you stand with me for the reading of God's Word?

John 4:29

"Come; see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?"

H.G. Wells was a great historian and he made a list of ten men and said these are the ten greatest men of all history and number one on that list was Jesus Christ. But friend I want to tell you that Jesus Christ doesn't belong on that list. He doesn't belong on any list. He is in a category by himself.

Here is the problem if you were called to name ten of the most prominent men in the world, who would you name? The list would vary according to your evaluation or definition of the word "prominent."

It is what God has proclaimed not man's perspective. Jesus is so much better than anything this world has to offer for Jesus is God's unique Son.

For you see the average person would overlook the name of "Jesus Christ." All the world would recognizes Christ, but does not give Him His rightful place.

Mankind failed to see Him as He must be seen- "Jesus Christ alone is the Savior of the world.

According to the Word of God Jesus Christ should be considered as the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth.

He was great in His birth. He wasn't just another child. He was born of a virgin and therefore He was the sinless Son of God.

Angels came down to announce His birth. The shepherds left their flocks to worship Him. The wise men in spite of distance, and difficulty and danger came to give their gifts to Him.

He was great in His nature; He was perfect God and perfect man. Not all God and no man, and not all man and not God at all. But He was as much God as if He wasn't man at all. And as much man as if He wasn't God at all.

He wasn't half man and half God but He was the God man.

He was so human He enjoyed weddings and wept beside the graves of those that He loved.

He was divine- He could turn water into wine and raise the dead. He ...

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