by Rex Yancey

The Will of God
Rex Yancey
Matthew 7:21-23

There are many different teachings floating around concerning the will of God.
These attitudes are portrayed in our world by people who do strange things.
Someone has said: Some folks paint what they see; some folks paint what they
think they see; some people think they paint what they see; some people think
they paint what they think they see; and some people think they paint.
Our teaching concerning the will of God is that it shown by a person's
attitude toward the world.
Besarion denied himself sleep for forty years by refusing to lie down. To him
this was in keeping with God's will.
Macarius the Younger sat in a swamp naked for days. He was bitten by
mosquitoes until it looked as though he had leprosy.
Simeon Stylites lived on top of a sixty foot pillar for thirty years. This to
him was the will of God. The church elevated him to sainthood for his
There are those who believe that man is a tumble weed blowing aimlessly across
the desert of time. Man is a ship without a sail wandering hopelessly in the
sea of life.
God has a plan and a purpose for every life.
1. God's will is personal. There never has been nor will there ever be
another person in the world just like me. "This is the will of God that you
believe on him whom he hath sent."
-When God called me to preach I had to wrestle with the fact that I could not be
like anyone else. He wanted me to be me. Freedom is when one can just be what
the Lord has called him to be. I don't have to be like you. You don't have to
be like me. If all of you were like me we wouldn't need you.
2. God's will is present. He has a will for children, young men and
women, for adults and senior adults. God has a will for each person in this
service tonight.
3. God's will is pervasive. It applies to all of life. It applies to my
spirit ...

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