by Duane Bemis

Seven Prayers for Personal and Corporate Revival
Duane Bemis

I was praying for direction and for revival to come upon the churches where I minister each week. In worship one Sunday morning I found my heart starting to meditate upon prayers which would bring about personal revival. Revival, renewal that is desperately needed in my own heart but especially in the hearts of the men behind the razor wired fences. This time of worship lead me to meditate upon seven key principals or prayers that as the body of Christ would bring about a manifestation of God's Glory. What will it take to bring about true Spiritual revival?
Revival means: Renewal, revitalization, and restoration. Revival of dry bones that need new life much like what we read in Ezekiel Chapter 37. Our prayers to God need to be revitalized so that He will breathe life into our dead and dry bones. Yes, I want God to breathe new life into my life. Prayers that is nothing more than empty and repetitive words. If we can meet with God face-to-face as Moses did with God in the midst of the glory cloud will revive our souls. Where is the glory cloud which filled the temple of God of old? Let us seek after God's glory within our selves.
As I continued to seek God on this subject of revival what you are about to read is the Lord's direction. The Lord's direction for personal prayer has seven key target areas of prayer. The Lord desires to manifest Himself to us by bring down the revival fires of Heaven. Yes, let us pray for the revival fires to fall into the lap of common man. Let those revival fires begin in me.
Our first prayer should encompass the following concept of heartfelt communication with God. We need to pray in truth and in spirit as we desire to draw close to Him. Not a repetitive prayer but a prayer of pure truth on what we desire.
The Lord said:

1. "Pray to Me your Lord and God to manifest My glory in your heart-evidenced by a hunger and thirsting for My righteousness."

T ...

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